I went to the PS yesterday morning and he removed the drain but didn’t deflate the left side. I thought it was going to happen and was looking forward to it but he doesn’t want to touch it at all until I finish this course of antibiotics. I can see his point and am actually glad that he’s being cautious about the situation. So, I’m still uncomfortable on that side and actually feel like it’s pulling more with only one side expanded than with two.  I do see him next Monday, 5/3,  to remove the saline.

As for the rash it’s finally stopped “getting worse” and leveled off yesterday. This morning it’s not as screaming, angry-red like it was. It’s still itchy as all getout though and I’m on the Benedryl every 4 hours to take the edge off. Physically, I’m feeling stronger each day and my appetite has returned. I don’t stray too far from the bathroom though as I think the meds are still upsetting my system and everything goes right through me. All in all, one week ago tonight, I was in the hospital, hooked up to IV antibiotics and awaiting surgery the next morning looking like this:

Now I look like this which is quite scary but hopefully, temporary.  (Plan is to deflate left expander, let Cellulitis side heal then go back in to have right expander reinserted and re-expand both together.)