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I’m 8 days post-op and still have my lovely accoutrement.. the drain.  This is the longest I’ve have one in, including after  the initial surgery.  My output is still up there so it looks like it won’t come out until Friday at the earliest or possibly Monday.

I’m not sure if Dr. M will fill me on that first visit or will wait a bit longer. I’m not looking forward to the pain (AT ALL) but I would love to be even on both sides as soon as I can. Around the house it hasn’t been bad but today I had to go to funeral and it was tough to find to something to wear. (With the drain in I can’t wear a sports bra so I couldn’t stuff the flat side.) Luckily, I had a blouse that had a lot of print and was very loose so although I could tell, it wasn’t glaringly obvious. Even if he doesn’t fill me to match yet, when the drain is out I can at least break out my trusty sports bra and bandana stuffing. Until then I’m the uniboob girl.

Physically, I feel fine and hope it continues through the fills. Of course, I’m  not ready to run a marathon but I’m not spending every minute on the couch either.. in fact I’m outside more than anything these days. Tomorrow, we’ll hit the bike path for the first time since surgery, but I’ll be walking instead of riding my bike or running. l hope that it continues once my fills start. I guess it’s a wait and see game. For now, it’s one day at a time and looking towards that light at the end of the tunnel.


One day post-op for right expander (unfilled)

I’m home after having my right expander placed back in and I’m happy to say that it was a breeze (so far anyway!)  I went in yesterday morning for 6:45AM surgery and came home late this morning. I could have stayed in another day but totally didn’t need to so I was very happy to come home today.

I’m sore and tired but definitely not in agony which is wonderful!!  I think the major difference is that he placed the expander in but didn’t fill it at all this time. When I had the mastectomies and immediate reconstruction, I was filled to 300cc at the time of surgery. So, not only was I healing from the loss of breast tissue but I was having lots of muscle spasms and pain due to the expanders.

Since I’m planning on taking the fills really slowly and putting them on the back burner come late August so that I can return to school, there’s no reason to rush with fills at this point. I’m likely getting my drain removed on Monday then will probably start fills the following week. It will be nice to be healing from the surgery before starting the painful fills. I’ll still have to wear that sports bra and stuff it for a little while longer until both sides are even but it’s a good trade off in my book!

On another note, I went for a vaginal ultrasound on Monday to address the vaginal bleeding that I’ve been having. I have a small fibroid in my uterus but nothing to be concerned about and nothing to do with the periods that I’ve been experiencing.  The lining is almost nothing right now since I just finished the period so the Gyn switched me to a different HRT. This one is a spray that I apply to my forearm and should administer a uniform dose (lower) than I was able to get by applying a weekly patch.  He felt that I was getting a lot when I first put it on and it was causing the lining to build up. I’ll be starting the new HRT tomorrow and hopefully this type works for me.   There’s also a pill that I’ll be taking for 10 days in addition to the spray but I haven’t filled the prescriptions yet so I don’t really have the exact details. (He explained it all to me but I don’t remember all of the specifics.)  I’ll start the sample spray and will be on that for a few weeks before I even need to worry about the pills.  As long as it controls my hot flashes without giving me a period, I’ll be good.

Time to take a little nap… it’s so nice to have one more surgery in the rear view mirror!

I’m going in for surgery (to put the right expander back in)  a week from today and I’m anxious to have it behind me. We’re in the midst of a heatwave here and I’ve spent the past two days lounging in the pool. It was a busy weekend as we hosted a 4th of July cookout on Sunday and there were lots of errands to run and things to get done around the house/yard before hand.

Knowing that surgery day is around the corner, on Saturday we decided  go out for a boat ride.  I read while the boys fished.  While on it, I was thinking that there is no way that I’ll be able to do that again for quite some time. The boat was slamming into the waves on the way back and it was quite bumpy.  I’m sure I’ll be too sore for some time to come to deal with that!  Even throughout the expansion process, any additional banging around will likely not be too easy to take.

Unfortunately, I’m still having problems with bleeding while on the Climara Pro patch and I got a period again on Friday…. GRRRR!  Of course, I shouldn’t be getting any so I don’t really have supplies on hand these days and got rid of most everything after my oopherectomy.  It was a full blown period too, complete with embarrassing floods…. I called the doctor first thing this morning since it wasn’t an emergency so I didn’t bother them over the long weekend. I had the first period in May after being on the patch for one month, then every two weeks since then.  My doctor is away so an associate called me back and told me to stop the patch and scheduled me for a sonogram for Monday 7/12.

I have three initial hopes:

1. There is nothing seriously wrong.

2. I don’t suffer with night sweats and hot flashes again while off the HRT.

3. They find one that works without the bleeding side effects and I can go on ASAP!

The patch fell off in the pool yesterday so it will be one week out by the time I go for my appointment Monday.  When I had my BSO, I started with serious hot flashes and sweats within a week. Fingers crossed… and toes too, just for good measure!

Meanwhile, I’m keeping busy, exercising, enjoying my yard and dogs and living life!

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