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I’m nervous…. It’s Tuesday, August 24th and I’m away on vacation. I had a fill on Friday and it was my first on both sides since my expander re-do. I’m at 400cc on both sides and I’m sore as hell. I’m back to “wearing that barbed wire bra” feeling and to me, it looks like my breast mounds are getting red. It could just be the lighting, the fact that it’s my first real fill to tax the muscle and skin this time around or god forbid, it could be something brewing. I’m certainly hoping that the latter is NOT the case.  I swear, if I develop cellulitis again, I’m taking both expanders out and will think of doing something else.

I am scheduled to go back to work ONE week from TODAY… I can NOT have an infection. I can NOT miss more school. I can NOT  go through surgery again…..  <fingers crossed that it’s NOTHING>

2nd fill 300cc each

400cc 2nd time


I’ve been remiss in posting because I’ve been busy with other aspects of my life.. (That’s a good thing… it means that BRCA+ isn’t the most significant thing in my world, by far!)  Anyway, I had my drains removed and the PS filled the right expander to 200cc.  I’m now 290 on the left and 200 on the right. I’m still swollen though so in terms of size I’m almost even.  Shape, however is a different story.

Left 290, Right 200: First Fill, Round 2

Left 290, Right 200: First Fill, Round 2

Ms. Leftie is almost teardrop shaped as it has been since I had most of the saline removed just after the right expander removal surgery.  The skin and muscle had been sufficiently stretched to 710 then reducing it to 290 has left it very loose.

Ms. Rightie is very tight because it’s new and is also filling high.  So, while it’s technically a bit smaller, it’s riding higher and looks fuller. I’m certainly hoping that when they both start to expand again, they even out and that it’s not actually positioned higher. We’ll have to wait and see…

I’m pretty comfortable right now but I’m totally aware that I am 100cc less than I even walked out of PBM surgery at the first time around. I’m really hoping and praying that the expansion process won’t be as painful since everything as already been stretched once before.

Since I have to go back to school to start the year off in September and don’t have sick time left, I’m shooting for exchange surgery right before Christmas so I can heal over the break without taking much time out of school. Because of this, we’re back-planning the fills so the timing is right and I’m fully expanded for the least time necessary before exchange. By taking it slower and spreading it out, hopefully it will allow me to be as comfortable as possible for as long as I can so I can live life and work.

My next fill is 8/11 in which I should be evened up.

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