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I had a fill on Monday and I’m now at 730cc. I’ve got one more fill scheduled for Nov. 1st to put me a bit above the 800cc max and then  it’ll be a waiting game until Exchange surgery on 12/21.  Finally!  I’m uncomfortable but I’ve been keeping busy with work so it’s bearable. Nighttime is the worst and I’m really convinced that the fact that the expanders are under the pec muscle is throwing things off with my back. When I stretch and try to stand up straight I feel a pulling. All I know is, I’m anxious for it all to be over!  Fingers crossed for smooth sailing ahead. 🙂


It’s been one year since my life changed significantly. Sometimes I feel that I’ve aged 10 years in the last one. Menopause has not been fun, nor easy. I must say, I’m in much better shape in terms of hot flashes and sleep deprivation than I was right after the surgery though.  Back then, I was literally having 10-12 hot flashes an hour and was spending the entire night having sweats, then chills because I was soaking wet.  Since having my PBM, I’ve been on HRT so it’s been reduced to 10-12 a day rather than per hour.

It’s been a ride trying to find the right HRT and so far, this Evamist spray/Provera pill combo has been decent. I’m still having some hot flashes and night sweats but at least I’m not having a period like I did on the Climara Pro patch, for god sake!

As for the rest of what’s been going on, I’m at 630cc and I’m heading for another fill on Monday. I’ve been very uncomfortable this weekend and I think it has to do with being cold. When I’m cold, I tend to tense up and the chest clamps up and the coconut shells ache.  Also, my back/leg issue is still not completely right and I’m really feeling that it’s related to my expanders and the fact that they are under the muscle throwing everything off. When I try to stretch and stand or sit up really straight and tall, I feel the pain shooting down… sigh…

Other than that, I’m still very happy to be back to work and dealing with “real life” not just life as a BRCA+ person.


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