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It’s been a rough week… Since I’m fully expanded, I’m uncomfortable most of the time. Nighttime is much worse than the day and it’s all I can do to make it through work, go for a walk after school, make dinner, put my dogs down then head to bed. Most nights I’ve had it by 8:00pm..  I take prescription Ibuprofen 800mg during the day but many nights I need to take some pain meds because the spasms and squeezing feeling is unbearable. Having hot flashes doesn’t help either… The countdown is definitely ON and I can’t wait to be free of these protuberances from my chest. sigh…..34 to go!


I had my final fill yesterday and I’m now at 830cc.  It’s a waiting game now for me as *I* chose the surgery date based on my schedule and wanting to take the least amount of time out of school as possible. So, I’m going to be fully expanded and uncomfortable until 12/21/10.  I’ve been having a hard time over the last week as it is, even prior to this fill. I’ve been able to make it through the school day (barely) but by 8:00pm I can’t take the spasms and pins and needles any more. I usually end up taking a pill (either the prescription Ibuprofen or left over pain meds), take a hot shower,  then go to bed.

Unfortunately, the weather has officially changed to seasonable so I’m back to freezing at night because of the soaking sweats.  Although I’m on HRT, it doesn’t completely eliminate my night sweats and for the past week I woke up dripping wet and shivering because I’m cold.  In the summer, waking up wet wasn’t as bad because the air wasn’t so cold, but now, I’m dealing with that cold and wet feeling again…. Sigh… I’ve shed a few tears in the past week because my bed has become a torture chamber.

On a brighter note, although I’m extremely sore and uncomfortable right now, my PS is very happy with my results thus far. He feels that the left side is almost perfect, except for a pucker of skin that I have from the “trim” that I got to correct the necrosis issue two weeks post PBM. The right side is a bit too far to the side but he said that it will be fine when he does the exchange and moves the implant closer to the center. They look fine in clothes but feel like coconut shells and I’m  sooooooo anxious to swap them for something soft and squishy!

Countdown to Exchange: 49

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