OMG!!  I’m done. 🙂  It’s been 7 months since my exchange and I decided it was time to finish up with areola tattoos. I was firm in my decision that I didn’t want to have nipple reconstruction because I definitely didn’t want to have “headlights” that were always on. One of the positive aspects of having the surgery is the fact that I don’t need to wear a bra. I certainly don’t want to have to wear one just to cover nipple erections! So.. my plan was to just get 3D tattoos.  I wasn’t really in a hurry and was getting used to just seeing a bare, Barbie boobed chest so I thought I could just take or leave them…

I decided to go ahead and schedule the tattoos now because my PS said I was free to do it. An impending insurance coverage change spurred my call to the tattoo artist. I also wanted to have them healed by the time I go on vacation in a few weeks because I don’t want to be restricted from swimming in a lake if they weren’t healed yet.

Well, I went for my appointment and I must say, I was completely flawed at what an emotional thing it was for me. I didn’t think I missed seeing a “normal looking” chest but apparently I did more than I knew. I broke down and cried quite a few times and was overwhelmed with emotion. She did such a wonderful job and was completely caring and understanding. Her work is so good that I still can’t believe that this is nothing but ink!

When I opened the shower curtain the other day and caught a glimpse in the mirror I broke out in a huge smile seeing what I look like right now. It almost makes it easy to forget what this journey has been like and what I’ve been through… complications and all!

I’ve still got some visible scars and have ongoing muscle spasms but omg… I feel so beautiful and normal! I keep peeking at my chest and am totally amazed.  What do you think?!

3D Nipple Tattoos ROCK!!