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Today is the two year anniversary of my mastectomies and start of my reconstruction. It’s been quite a journey and while I had many complications and it took awhile to be completely done, it’s only a distant memory now. While going through that spring with constant pain and multiple surgeries it seemed too much to handle but looking back, it’s now just a blur.

So what is it like now? Pros and Cons:


  • I have little pec strength.
  • My chest still feels tight most times, especially when I get cold.
  • There is no feeling in the skin under my arms and on parts of my back so when I get an itch, I can’t scratch it!
  • Small, repetitive muscle movements, (like scrubbing a pan) make my pecs twitch and feel funny.
  • My chest muscles contract and feel tight.
  • I miss the feeling of natural breasts when sleeping on my sides.


  •  I don’t think about BRCA+ hardly at all anymore.
  • I never have to wear a bra but choose to wear a camisole with blouses and certain shirts. T-shirts=never!
  • My surveillance is minimal (yearly exam and continued self exams)
  • I no longer have periods. (due to ooph) Now that I no longer have breast tissue I was allowed to go on HRT….
  • I cut my cancer risk down to almost nothing.
  • It’s in the rear view mirror… No regrets!!!

So, if you’re reading this and are just beginning your journey, hang in there!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s so very worth it!


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